Sandy Springs Pilates & Yoga

Welcome to Elevate Your Body!  Wellness is our passion here.  Our Sandy Springs fitness studio was created out of a lifelong dream to inspire others on their journey to healthful living, a dream realized with the love and support of family and the community.  We, at Elevate Your Body have carefully and thoughtfully crafted a variety of fitness classes designed to challenge you and to help you achieve your fitness goals.  Our schedule reflects our belief in the power and effectiveness of Pilates and Yoga classes in concert with other unique interval-based classes.  Our classes combine components of heart rate-elevating intervals (the “cardio” ingredient) with advanced muscle group training (the “core and sculpting” ingredients).  Every workout delivers complete, whole-body results.  Designed from a cross-training perspective, our schedule makes it easy for clients to benefit from a variety of class styles throughout the week.

Our goal is simple yet all-encompassing;  to Elevate Your Body through encouragement and support each and every time you enter the studio.  Join us on the journey.  We look forward to sharing our dream with you!